Watchman Tent Glamping Zion

Staying in a Watchman Tent will create memories you will drift back to for years to come. As you walk the delicately lit paths to these tents, lined with cactuses and wild sage, you can’t help but be in awe of these beautiful single-pole canvas tents. The simplicity of the canvas tents on handcrafted decks with the beauty of the towering mesas of Zion and Kolob in the background is breathtaking, giving you the most spectacular Zion glamping experience.

exterior of a luxury canvas tent overlooking Zion National Park

Inside these tents, you will find a plush king bed and two twin beds to fall into after your grand adventures in Zion National Park. As you walk through your tent you will find the entrance to your private deck, which was purposefully positioned for you to sit and watch a desert sunset turn into a star-filled night sky. These tents create a perfect harmony between an intimate stay in the wild of the desert landscape and being sprinkled with bits of luxury. When you stay in a Watchman Tent you will have outlet ports, lanterns, rocking chairs, heated blankets, cooling units, and string lights that drape across the beams of the tent. These string lights create a dreamlike glow that makes the tents look like fallen star placed across the hillside overlooking Zion.

one king bed and one twin bed in a luxury canvas tent

From your tent, you will take a desert-lined path to the beautifully stocked bathhouses at the bottom of the hill. You are also just a short walk from; firepits to roast your smores’ kit you are given at check-in, water re-fill fountains, laundry stations, BBQs, grass amenity area with complimentary camp games, kid lounge and play area, Wildflower Trailhead, and water feature to cool off in. From the cozy rugs and bedding to the complimentary coffee to sip on while welcoming a desert morning, the Watchman Tents are a way to feel like you never left the beauty of Zion National Park as you “Stay Wild”.