Covered Wagon Luxury Camping Zion

Get the most of your time in the Western Frontier by staying in our authentic Covered Wagons that are made in the USA. You will feel like you have stepped back in time as you end your day’s adventures looking up at the domed canvas of your wagon while hearing the faint crackles of the fire. Although these wagons are authentically rustic, they are beautifully made with luxury camping touches.

exterior of a covered wagon

Inside you’ll find an amazing King-sized bed and the option for one or two sets of bunk beds. Our single bunk bed option will also have a sitting area to unwind at and wake up to with your complimentary coffee. You’ll step right out of nature from a beautifully rocked and lit pathway into an air-conditioned/heated wagon that will keep just enough of the “Wild West” at bay for a perfect stay. At night you will be able to light up these amazing pieces of the past with indoor lighting and charge all of your devices in outlets and charging ports for the perfect Zion luxury camping experience.

one king bed and one twin bed in a luxury canvas tent

Each wagon is purposefully positioned in a “wagon circle”, centered by a fire pit that is lit every night for you to roast your s’mores kit that you are given at check-in. When you walk out of your lockable wagon door, you are steps away from BBQs, laundry stations, water refill fountains, and firepits. There is also a short path, lined with sagebrush and cactuses, that leads to beautifully stocked bathhouses and a cooling grass lounge area. If you want to get all you can out of being in the “Wild Wild West” on your trip to Zion National Park, the Zion Wildflower’s Covered Wagons is your perfect stay.